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24th Aug 2017
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9th Oct 2017

shoX raptor (graffiti)

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Enter. The brand spanking new addition to shoX – shoX Raptor Drones. With on trend designs in army camo and street style graffiti, they look fly while on the fly.

  • Incredibly easy to fly
  • A.L.L technology—Auto lift and land with the touch of a button
  • Hover with pinpoint accuracy with altitude hold
  • Headless mode allows you to fly in the desired direction no matter which way it’s facing
  • 2.4Ghz frequency—massive 50m range
  • 6-axis gyro system
  • Acrobatic flips at the push of a button!
  • Blade protectors & full set of blade replacements included

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A lil' more info

The best part? shoX Raptor is incredibly easy to fly! With A.L.L technology now you can auto lift and auto land with the touch of a button.

Don’t flip out.
shoX Raptor performs acrobatic flips at the push of a button! With altitude hold you can hover with pinpoint accuracy, so there’s no more out of control crashes – And headless mode allows you to fly in the desired direction no matter which way its facing!

More great features…
The 2.4Ghz frequency has a massive 50m range and the 6-axis gyro system has 3 accelerometers and 3 orientation sensors for maximum stability! shoX Raptor also has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

All about those blades…
shoX Raptor includes blade protectors & a full set of blade replacements in each pack… sweet.

Tech specs
Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 45 × 39 × 31 cm
Unit dimensions

7.5(L) x 29(W) x 29(H)cm

Unit weight


Packaging dimensions

8.8(L) x 42.5(W) x 29.3(H)cm

Packaging weight


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2 reviews for shoX raptor (graffiti)

  1. hi, i see that the graffiti has a camera however i see your comment below says no, however iv also seen a camera in the front of it, whats that for then

    • Hi Thara,
      The shoX raptor graffiti isn’t equipped with a camera. You could be looking at an LED light. The shoX raptor plus is the only shoX drone with a camera.

      Team shoX

  2. Purchased a Shox Raptor for my daughter as a Xmas present and she flew it perfectly for about 8 minutes, we recharged the battery and it will not take off!! the propellers turn for a fraction of a second then that is it!
    I am quite frustrated by this as the demo in Makro was quite rough and I hoped to get a bit more from this present. At this moment im quite disappointed.
    is there anything i am doing wrong?
    I am doing all that it says in the manual.

    • Hi Grant,
      We do apologise for the unfortunate experience. Please could you forward your query to as our customer care department will need to handle this query directly.

      There could be an issue with your shoX raptor graffiti and this will need to be assessed by our Service Centre. Our customer care team will advise on this if they cannot assist you with further advice.

      Team shoX

  3. Hi,Were can i buy more batteries for the drone the rechargeable ones? The raptor graffiti.

    • Hi Keagan,
      Thank you for contacting us. Currently, shoX raptor batteries are only available directly from Tevo. Please email your request to to order additional batteries for your drone.

      Team shoX

  4. 5 out of 5

    I am soooo happy with this raptor, you just need to know how to use it.

    • Hi Kristen,
      Thank you for purchasing a shoX raptor. We hope you continue to enjoy it!

      Team shoX

  5. Hi

    Please may you advise what is the normal flying times of the drone?

    • Hi John,
      The normal flying time of the shoX raptor graffiti is 10-12 minutes.

      Team shoX

  6. What is the range you can fly with it

    • Hi Cobus,

      The range on the shoX raptor is up to 50m.

      Team shoX

  7. Hi. I find it difficult to download app

    • Hi,
      Thanks for contacting us. Please email for further assistance.

      Team shoX

  8. Good day i want to buy one for my 13 year old son , is it a goog idea ? , is it easy to fly ?

    • Hi Jaque,
      The shoX raptor is incredibly easy to fly. Take off with the touch of a button, hover with pinpoint accuracy with altitude hold. shoX raptor drones are also equipped with headless mode which allows you to fly in the desired direction no matter which way it’s facing. Definitely a good idea to get one.

      Kind regards,
      Team shoX

  9. What is the flight time and the usual recharging time for this drone?

    • Hi Megan,
      Flight time is 10-12 minutes and charge time is 30 minutes.

      Team shoX

  10. I have seen one of these Shox Graffitti drones unboxed and it looks like it has a camera? Does it have one or not?

    • Hi Megan,
      Unfortunately, only the shoX raptor plus has a camera. The shoX raptor graffiti does not have one.

      Team shoX

  11. 1 out of 5

    I have been flying on open spaces and keep having issues. The shop swapped it out today and im having similar problems with it. So dissapointed as im quite hooked but disheartened with constant issues and no intentional crashes or intentional bashes. The only crashes its had is when i start it up on auto and it shoots of side ways without taking off.

    • Hi Isa,
      We do apologise for the bad experience. Please take your shoX raptor to your nearest Tevo Service Centre or Factory Outlet to book it in for an assessment. This will allow us to determine the cause of the problem you are experiencing.

      Team shoX

  12. Hii, my son received a a shox drone, R599 one, as a gift and it’s not working well. Starts up sometimes but most times not. I called your workshop and they insist on a till slip which I cannot get. Please advise me further as my son is heartbroken.

    • Hi Steven,
      We’re really sorry for the bad experience. You can book your shoX raptor in for a repair via the store from which you purchased it or at your nearest Tevo Service Centre or Factory Outlet: Please be sure to take your proof of purchase along with you.
      Once our repair team has assessed your drone, they will be in contact with you. If you need anything further, please contact

      Team shoX

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